If you are acquainted with this please remember about your liver!

- fatigability, somnolence, general weakness;

- petulance, often being groundless, state of depression;

- breaks out at the skin, itch;

- nausea, feeling of heaviness or pain at the right subcostal area, under the physical loading, after meals, especially the greasy ones;

- bitter taste in the mouth in the mornings.

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You have come to a site of the good news.

The first good news is 
You have begun to think about your health and the health
of your family.
  That is a wise decision!

The second good news is 
there is a place in Kiev, where in a short term of time (within only 5 days!), in the comfortable conditions, you will pass a comprehensive checkup, get the efficient treatment according to an individual program, restore your health and vitality, and normalize your weight.

The third good news is 
  we are not using any treatment substances of any chemical origin and any invasive (injuring) methods of the checkup and treatment.

 The fourth good news is 
  the staff working in the clinic consists of the highly qualified specialists, having a multi-year experience of work and capable of solving even the most complicated tasks.

 The fifth good news is 
 this is an ideal solution for busy people and their families!

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