Case history

  Most often we lead a low-activity way of life, we breathe the polluted air and we seldom eat ecologically clean products. 

  All this leads to the fact that a great number of the dead weight and toxic substances are accumulated in the organism.

  But the most constant factor of the external environment influencing upon the human organism, is food, which, from one hand, is vitally necessary, and from the other hand carries a danger of the beginning of various illnesses.  

  An irrational, excessive nutrition, and the stresses are slowly and inevitably undermining the health. And though the Nature endowed a human with vast possibilities for the adaptation to the changes of the external environment unfortunately, they are not infinite. After all it has not foreseen that kind of rapid development of civilization, which breaks the existing natural balance, has not foreseen the appearance of new materials and substances. 

  The toxic substances that exist in the atmosphere, water, food are entering the human organism in the enormous quantities. Most often these are nitrites and nitrates, salts of the heavy metals, radioactive substances, pesticides, dioxides. 

  The majority of the medicinal substances also have the by-effects and negatively influence upon the organism. 

  Together with the food the substances used for the stimulation of the growth and the weight of the animals - antibiotics, hormones, stimulators, etc.

  Partially that harmful substances are neutralized and removed by the organism. But the larger part of them stays in the organs and systems, gradually poisoning them since in the process of evolution they have not been programmed for that substances and are removed from the organism with difficulty. Or there are in that large quantities that the organism does not have the possibility to remove them...

  Besides coming from outside, the toxins are created in the organism itself under the influence of the inflammatory processes, acute and chronic illnesses, abnormality of the metabolism and the energetic balance. 

  At a definite stage the organs and the systems of a human are no longer capable of handling the external and the internal aggression without the assistance, and they lose the capability to restore their original state.

  And this is the beginning of the illness. 

  That is why the cleaning of the organism is necessary practically for everybody, irrespective of the state, and ill people need it particularly. The prevention and treatment of any illnesses must be started from such cleaning.

  And the first line of defense, in the defense of the whole organism, is the digestion organs, and, in some cases, it is necessary only to purify the body and to change the nutrition for the organism to start self-recovering.

  Please remember the ancient commandment: If you fell ill, change your way of life. If it does not help, change your nutrition. If even this does not help, consult a doctor.  

  The physicians have been knowing for a long time that a great number of illnesses originates from the malfunctions in the work of the digestion system, and to restore it is very useful to conduct the cleaning of the intestines and detoxication of the organism. 

  However until present a simple and efficient method, combing both these conditions, has never existed.


  The way towards health:  

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