We recommend

Our experience has confirmed the idea that the applied method is efficient while having the following diseases and states: 


- diskinesia of the gall passages;

- cholecystitis;

- chronic pancreatitis;

- chronic hepatitis; 

- skin diseases (neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema);

- gastritis, enterocolitis;

- disbacteriosis of the intestines; 

- constipations; 

- excessive weight;

- acute and chronic allergic diseases;

- chronic inflammatory bronchial and lung illnesses;

- chronic fatigue syndrome.


  As a sanitary procedure the following people should undergo the course:


- the ones after the disturbances in a diet;

- the ones eating refined food;

- the ones having irregular nutrition;

- the ones having inactive way of life;

- the ones inclined to the obesity;

- the ones subject to the frequent catarrhal diseases;

- the ones after the course treatment with antibiotics;

- the ones whose professions are connected with stress situations 

and other harmful factors. 


  What we do: