Recalling about the liver...

  There is no secret for anybody that in the clearing of our organism the liver is playing the decisive role. 

  It has over 500 different duties. It is neutralizing the poison substances, which are coming with food, medicines, creating as a result of the "burning" of the food products, during the improper work of the intestines. The liver is exactly the one that synthesizes a specific protective protein which removes cholesterol the reason of the atherosclerosis from the blood!

  There is an artificial heart, kidney, pancreas... But the medicine is powerless to change an ill liver. That is why, despite all efforts of the doctors, if the liver perishes a person dies! Not only an acute poisoning may be the reason for this. The hepatitis is very dangerous, including the chronic one, the long lasting, and therefore barely noticeable influence of the toxic substances, with which we constantly meet in our lives. 

  A lot of medicines are dangerous for the health, for instance paracetamol, constituting the base of a good number of anesthetic and anti-catarrhal medicines, antibiotics of new generations, non-steroid anti-inflammation medicines.

  When the liver cells die we do not feel any pain. That is why, when the first complaints appear, the state of the liver is very far from the satisfactory one, and its treatment and rehabilitation requires not only the time, but also some serious efforts.

Quite often such illnesses as cholangitis, cholecystisis, gallstone illness become the origin of the threat. Congestion of the gall, chronic inflammation are poisoning the liver from inside.

  The sick liver is not capable of protecting us, and each week of inaction increases the probability of appearance of the irreversible changes. That is why it is extremely important to recognize the illness in time and to help the liver. Please pay attention to the following indications:


  - fatigability, drowsiness, general weakness.

  - petulance, often being groundless, state of depression.

  - breaks out at the skin of the face, on the chest, itching of the skin.

  - nausea, feeling of heaviness or pain at the right subcostal area, while being agitated, under the physical loading, after meals, especially the greasy and fried ones.

  - bitter taste in the mouth in the mornings, or after the errors in nutritionseldom .


  If you have several of these symptoms, it is time for you to see the doctor, it is time to save your liver! It is important to use the medicines without the by-effects and limitations in usage during the treatment, since a sick liver is very sensitive to the chemical substances!

  And since disaster is not often going by itself, the illness often affects the neighboring organs: gall-bladder, ducts, pancreas. That is why there is another requirement the complexity of acting is an additional efficiency while having cholecystitis, cholangitis, diskinesia of the gall passages, gallstone illness, pancreatitis.

  The naturepathic course of treatment and rehabilitation, conducted at our elite clinic, completely corresponds to all these requirements. In this case the high efficiency of our methods is combined with the absence of the by-effects. 

  In the result of the treatment the liver cells are restored, the neutralization of the toxic substances is strengthened; inflammation, pain and spasms in the gall-bladder are taken away, the outflow of the gall is normalized and the properties of the gall are improved which prevents stone formation; nausea, heartburn, and the bitter taste in the mouth are relieved.