Way towards helth

The complex method, combining all the above said, has been for the first time developed and used at our elite Puscha clinic. 

  It was approved and allowed for the usage by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (PAT.UA 7421), and is working with the tremendous efficiency. Up to the present, more than 1000 patients have been successfully cured at the clinic with the usage of this method.

  During the course of the rehabilitation, conducted at Puscha, not only the accumulated harmful substances are being led out of the organism, but also their entry from the intestines to the blood is being decreased, and there is also a reduction of the loading to the principal systems of detoxication of the organism - liver, kidneys, lungs and the immune system. 

  This allows the organism to "reform" and to normalize its work, to get the processes of the digestion, metabolism, and the energetic balance to the norm, to improve the work of the immune system.

  In the upshot the resistance of the organism to the unfavorable factors of the environment is being gets improved, which allows to get rid of many chronic illnesses.


 In the result of the treatment, in 5 days:


  - the accumulated dead weight and toxic products of metabolism and the radio nuclides and the free radicals are led out;

  - the functions of the liver, the gall removing ducts, the kidneys, the pancreas, and the alimentary canal; 

  - the metabolic processes and the micro flora are improved;

  - the weight, the arterial pressure and the sleep are normalized;

  - vivacity, easiness and the feeling of the internal comfort appear; 

  - the mood and the work efficiency are raised;

  - petulance, general weakness and fatigability disappear;

  - the allergic manifestations are over;

  - t he skin is getting soft and elastic, its color is improved;


  - a person remains young longer! 


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