Health receipt

We believe you can agree that health is a valuable thing and furthermore it is the only thing for the sake of which it is worth not to spare the time, forces, troubles and all kinds of welfare, and the most important thing in the life of people is the harmony of their soul and the health body. 

  Any illness ruins this harmony and brings a misbalance to the state of a person. The objective of the medicine not to allow this, and even if the illness appeared to eliminate it as soon as possible. But, unfortunately, the human ailments are innumerable, and to find an appropriate way of treatment is just as difficult as to pick up the unique key from an unknown lock among millions of the similar ones. 

  It not always happens that we timely (and correctly) understand the warning signals about the troubles that appeared, which (the signals) were sent by the organism, and because of this we are capable of properly and timely respond to them. Quite often, unfortunately, a concealed disease is covering behind a nice appearance, though evidently we do not feel the changes in our own organism.

  And a person one must live a long life! 

  And we believe that to have this it is not obligatory to constantly to take medicines and to visit policlinics. We must not flatter ourselves, thinking that the medicines, like the magic bullets, always strike the aim. Unfortunately, together with the aim they are also striking other organs and tissues. 

Of course the skeptics may note: and what about the illnesses, is it possible to avoid them using any other way?

  We asseverate yes, it is possible! 

After all any sickness is a contamination and poisoning of the biosphere of the organisms cells, and vice versa, any contamination of the biosphere of the cells is the sickness. It was established that the slagged organism can have considerable breaches of the metabolism, decreasing the functions of the nervous, immune and endocrine systems, the absorption of the vitamins, the micro elements, and the nutritive elements is getting broken. In this connection the by-effect reactions, allergization of the organism, etc. appear. That is why, by timely cleaning our organism you can not only prevent the new illnesses, but also suspend the majority of the already existing ones, including the hereditary sicknesses, seeming like incurable. Such a statement can seem like an utopia, it were not for the great number of examples of the health returned to people at our elite Puscha clinic.

  To gain the understanding of the state of your health we are proposing you to answer the questions of a small test to determine the level of your organisms slagging. 


  Test to determine the health level: 

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